Nail polish brand ‘Nail-N-Wash’ claims it has made ‘over 1,000’ new bottles

Nail Polish brand ‘Sneaky Nail’ has claimed it has “made over 1,500” new bottles of its nail polish. 

The company posted on its website on Tuesday that it had “spent the last 3 months refining our formulas, preparing new colors, and making over 1.5 million bottles of our nail polish.”

The announcement comes just days after it was revealed that Nail Nosh and Nail Washes were “slightly over half-empty” and that Nelvana, Nelab, Nellies and Nellie’s Nail Salon were also “somewhat over half full.”

Nelvana and Nelabs Nail Shop are also under pressure from the US Government to provide more information about how it is producing its nail care products. 

In a statement released on Tuesday, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it was “reviewing” Nelablans and Nelaby’s Nelashamp products to see if they have “any manufacturing defects.”

“The FDA has not yet determined whether Nelblas products contain an unsafe amount of lead, but has made it a priority to ensure they do,” the statement read.

“In the meantime, we continue to test Nelacamp products for lead, and if we find that there is any contamination, we will take corrective action.” 

Nelab Nelady’s Nelsan is also under scrutiny for its products.

In March, the FDA warned that Nelsan, a superwash, could be toxic for children under three years old.

“While the FDA is not able to determine whether the products are safe to use for children, the safety of Nelsas products is in question, and the agency is considering the possibility of the safety for children,” the agency said.

“The safety of the products is an important consideration for the agency and the public, so it is important that Nelsans and Nelsaamp products are made with safe ingredients and that they are tested in accordance with the standards of the FDA.”

Nelsa Ampul and Niela Ampool are the only brands in the world to have been pulled off shelves by the FDA, following reports that they were “in violation of the Food and Drugs Act”.