Unilever launches its first fashion brand with limited edition items for women

Unilevers latest fashion-focused brand, Limited Brands, has launched limited edition products for women and men to promote its brand.

The limited edition range will include items from brands including Aromaleigh, Dior, and more, and is set to be available at select retailers across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The items will include a custom designed shirt, hoodie, bag, and handbag.

The brand will also be launching a “Limited Brands T-shirt” at select retail stores starting April 5. 

The first limited edition product will be the “Limited Breasts Collection,” which includes a dress with a mesh front and a short sleeved dress with an asymmetrical back.

“The limited breasts collection is a collection of dresses that are specifically tailored to the shapes of the breasts and will be available exclusively at Limited Brands starting April 1,” the brand said in a statement. 

Limited Brands will be joined by a new fashion-centric brand, Unilev, in the first of several fashion-related partnerships Unileves announced this week. 

The first of the brand’s limited editions will be a white and blue jacket, with a pattern and name that’s exclusive to the brand. 

“Unilever has always been known for its quality and craftsmanship, and this limited edition jacket represents the culmination of our love for our company and our commitment to creating high-quality and innovative products for our customers,” Unileven founder and CEO Yves Bélanger said in the statement.

“We hope you will share in our passion for fashion and wear the jacket with us on your next date.” 

The brand will be launching additional products at its stores beginning April 5, with more to follow.