Tequila Brands to launch Tequila Lite and Tequila Cascadas in 2016-17

Tequila brands Tequila, Patron, Patronas and Cerveza have announced they will launch tequila Lite in 2016 and 2021, respectively. 

“Tequila Lite is the first and only single malt whiskey to use a blend of two tequila varieties.

It’s a new and exciting way to drink tequila,” said Tequila CEO Mauricio Cabrera. 

The tequila will be aged in oak casks for one year and bottled at 60 percent ABV. 

Cigarillos Tequila Bar, the company’s flagship bar in New York City, will also be launching a limited-edition tequila version of its famous margarita in 2016. 

Tequila Crescents, the brand’s premium brand, is also launching a new tequila-based margarito for the 2016-2017 season. 

It will be available at premium-priced tequila bars across the country in stores beginning February 14. 

On April 15, Tequila will launch a line of premium tequila drinks, including tequila de ceviche, tequila margaritas, tequilas de cactus, tequinas tequila, teñas de pinares and tequila tequila. 

 Tequilos are made with a mix of tequila and fresh citrus fruits such as mangoes and tangerines, with a light touch of cedar and lemon.

Tequila is traditionally aged for several years in oak barrels.