Amazon: It’s time to start building a new brand

A brand is defined as a collection of products or services that are sold by a single company.

So far, the first Amazon brand is the company behind the Echo speaker, but it’s not the only brand that’s started in the space.

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Amazon has announced its new flagship product line, Amazon Fire.

The company is calling the new line the Fire TV and it’ll be available in a range of sizes and configurations, with more information on the line to come soon.

The new Fire TV will be available to buy on April 1st and Amazon says that’s when it’ll launch a range a range more products.

In addition, the Fire HD 8K will be the first product to launch in the new Fire line.

We’ll be launching the Fire 9K Fire TV later this year, and we’ll also be launching a range that we’ll launch in 2018.

The Fire TV 8K and Fire HD 9K are the two devices Amazon announced, the former launching in May this year and the latter launching in November this year.

The Amazon Fire TV is an 8K TV capable of streaming 4K Ultra HD content, and it comes with a quad-core Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

The device has been launched with the Echo, Echo Dot and Fire TV sets and it will be priced at $199 (£149.99).