Adidas unveils ‘Ski Boots’ collection at New York Fashion Week

Adidas unveilings a new collection of shoes for its New York City store on Friday, including a pair of skate boots that were previously only available in Europe.

The collection, called “Ski Shoes,” features a “V-Suit” skate silhouette with an upper that opens up to reveal a mesh upper, the word “Skate” embroidered across the tongue and a large rubber foot pad.

The footwear comes with a pair for $295, which is the same price as the Adidas Originals skate boot for women.

The skate boots are available in black, red, grey and blue.

The shoes are available online at for $290.

Ski footwear is often a luxury item and there are plenty of models in the Adidas line, including the Adidas Skate-Boots for women and the Skate Boots for men.

The Skate Boot line also includes a line of Skate Shorts.

The shoes are expected to hit store shelves in February and are expected in stores in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle by the end of the year.