You don’t have to buy your tampons online anymore

A new line of products has emerged from China, with brands including Hot Sauce Brands, Chihuahua Tampons and Candy Brands.

The products, called TheTampons, are designed to help prevent pregnancy.

You can buy them online, or you can find them at the local pharmacies.

We asked a spokesperson for TheTamps if the products had anything to do with China’s strict restrictions on tampons and pads.

“The products are not made in China,” he said.

“They are made in the USA, which is also the country where the products are made.

We are proud of the product, and hope to continue to develop and market them in the US.”

China’s tampon and pad ban is one of the most severe in the world, with restrictions on women’s hygiene and use of tampons or pads.

In 2015, the World Health Organization issued a report that found that one in five women in China was infected with HIV.

In 2016, the country enacted a new law restricting the use of pads, tampons, tampon applicators and menstrual cups, which makes them illegal for use by women outside the home.

The ban has resulted in some health issues, such as an increase in STIs, which has led to more than two million cases of pregnancy-related infections and birth defects.