Car brand logos have been painted over by rivals for the first time in 18 years – BBC Sport

A new design for the UK’s car brands has been revealed.

A new design, designed by the British car brands Ocado and Carlsberg, has been unveiled for the new year.

The cars have been designed to “demonstrate the power of the UK car brands and their brands’ brands”, according to the BBC.

The design is based on the designs for the cars in the brand’s own archives.

The BBC says that it is “designed to demonstrate the power and influence of the British Car brands and the brands’ brand”.

The new design features a new logo for each brand and a number on the roof.

It will be on display at the BBC Wales showroom at the Royal Courts of Justice on Saturday.

Ocado have said that the new logo “represents the essence of the brand”.

It has also been revealed that Carlsburg has “made significant improvements” to the branding of their products.

Obilas car brand is currently based in Germany.

Carlsberg have previously used the logo of the famous “Big Red” for their cars.

The new logo will be used on the back of their new models.