How to Buy Cigarettes, Butter & Co., Now on sale in Germany

With tobacco sales slowing down and growing less popular, some big tobacco companies are moving away from the brand name cigarettes, while others are expanding the brands to include other tobacco products.

A new survey shows that some of the biggest brands, such as Buttery, the Swedish-based brand that made its debut in 2009, are also expanding to include tobacco products in a bid to compete with e-cigarettes.

Butter is the first major tobacco brand to take up the brand after it took a break in the second half of last year.

The survey, conducted by a German consultancy firm, showed that while Brando is still king of cigarettes in Germany, the brand has declined from the number one spot in the market to fifth.

The brand, which was launched in 2007, is made up of three categories: cigarettes, chewing tobacco and other non-nicotine tobacco products, according to the survey.

Brando has also expanded to include nicotine-containing tobacco products as well as cigarettes.

Brando’s main competitor, the UK-based British American Tobacco (BAT), has a history of taking up brands such as the classic cigarette, while also introducing new products to appeal to the younger generation.

The poll was conducted by Deutsche Bank AG in collaboration with Brando’s consumer arm, Butters.