Brand Strategy 2018 – Brand strategy

The football industry is all about branding and in 2018, football’s biggest brand will be the brand which will determine its future, according to the Italian Football Federation.

In a brand strategy statement released by the federation, the club brand has been named the brand strategy 2018 for its next four years in the game.

The team brand, which was first launched in 2003, is one of the oldest in football and is responsible for the image of the club, and it is also the brand that represents the club’s fans and sponsors.

It is currently based in Turin and has a market value of €3.8 billion.

The brand strategy is a project led by the brand committee of the Federation and will be presented to the president of the FIFA Congress in the coming weeks.

The 2018 brand strategy was presented to FIFA President Gianni Infantino on January 21.

“The new brand strategy, which will be announced in March, will help us to determine the future of the Italian football and make a bold decision about the future direction of the sport,” Infantinos press officer Andrea Lazzari said.”FIFA will consider all the options and we will present our findings to the Federation.”FIFA said the brand would have a major impact on the way fans, players and sponsors experience the game, and this was why it was chosen as a key part of the 2018 brand initiative.

“This is a strategic and long-term project and it takes into account the importance of the brand as a symbol for the football club and the brand itself,” the federation said.FIFA’s next two years are the biggest of any sporting body, with the next World Cup in Russia and the 2022 European Championships set for later this year.