New South Wales government to provide medical marijuana for medical marijuana users

New South Australia’s Health Minister has announced plans to roll out a system of licensed cannabis growers to help with the state’s shortage of prescription drugs.

Key points:The state government will begin allowing the cultivation of medical marijuana in March next yearThe program is part of a wider push by the state to become a cannabis-friendly stateDr Adam Serpens, the health minister, said the program would help address the state-wide shortages of prescription medications and cannabis, while also providing a source of income for some of the state “cannabis farmers”.

“We’re doing this because we need to address the shortage of these drugs and also we’re also making sure that the supply chain is there for our patients, because this is the most efficient way for them to get their medication,” Dr Serpans said.

“This program is a good example of how we’re going to manage the supply and we’re hoping that the rest of the country will follow suit.”

The program will allow growers to grow up to 30 hectares of marijuana at a time, provided they also have the necessary licences to do so.

Under the program, medical marijuana growers will also be able to buy up to three kilograms of cannabis a day from the state for their own use.

The state’s Health Department said the new licensing system would provide a revenue stream for the state, with the aim of helping the state reduce its dependence on the black market.

The program comes after a series of changes to the state health system that came into effect on July 1.

The State Government announced last year that it would be able grow up a total of 30 hectares for medical use, which is about the size of a basketball court.

The changes were made to the medical cannabis licensing scheme to better suit the needs of people with a range of illnesses.

“It’s not just a recreational issue, it’s also a public health issue,” Dr Eric Pate, the director of the NSW Centre for Cannabis Research, said.”[The new licensing scheme] is an opportunity to have a state-run system for people to grow their own cannabis.”

Dr Pate said the system would also help address a growing demand for medical cannabis in the state.

“There are people in need, particularly for chronic illnesses, for whom cannabis is a lifesaver,” he said.

The new system will also provide a source for income for a number of medical cannabis growers, including the New South, who are currently being paid by the federal government for the use of their licences.

Under a plan unveiled by Dr Pate and Health Minister David Chisholm, licensed medical cannabis producers will be paid $100 a day, while non-licensed producers will earn $150.

“We are encouraging the private sector to come in and supply those medical cannabis farms, and for the growers to make a profit as well,” Dr Pates said.

Dr Serpents new plan to tackle the state shortage of medical drugs has been met with criticism from some medical groups.

“They have been very vocal, and I think they have a point, about the fact that there are no other alternatives for people with chronic conditions,” Dr Andrew Breslin, chief executive of the Australian Medical Association, said on Wednesday.

“You need a supply of medication and you need a market for it.”

The whole point of this is that if you are going to use cannabis, you need to be able for people who need it to have access to it.

“Dr Serps comments come after a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) in May indicated that a large number of Australians were using cannabis to manage symptoms and manage their pain.”

Our society is being inundated with all kinds of new medicines,” Dr Chisholic said.

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