What you need to know about Trump’s plan to kill thousands of birds

It’s no secret that the Trump administration is not happy with the birds of prey they’re trying to eradicate from the landscape.

And as a result, they’re getting ready to kill off tens of thousands of animals.

And the birds are getting killed as well, as this stunning video by the Center for Biological Diversity shows.

The Center for BioDiversity released a new video on Wednesday showing what the Trump Administration has planned to do to the birds they consider “feral.”

The group is a part of the environmental advocacy group PETA and it took this video with a different perspective.

It’s no surprise that this video is being released at this moment, as President Trump and his team are trying to kill as many of the endangered species as possible.

Trump has promised to do this for the next five years, which means there will be plenty of time for him to kill the birds he has vowed to kill.

But the animals in this video aren’t the only ones to get a shot in the arm.

Other wildlife are getting the chop, as well.

This video by Animal Legal Defense Fund shows what the USDA says it is going to do with the more than 20 million birds it has killed.

And now it looks like we have a little more than two weeks before the cull begins.