Trump: We have a problem with yogurt brands

President Donald Trump has vowed to stop a new wave of yogurt brand names from being marketed.

Trump’s new plan would bar a wide range of new yogurt brands from being launched after the end of 2020.

The move, announced on Twitter late Thursday night, is part of the president’s strategy to crack down on the so-called “fake” yogurt market.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, the list of yogurt brands to be banned include: Caffeine-Free Yogurt, Caffeinated Yogurt and other yogurts with caffeine.

It also includes some products made with wheat, which is banned in the U.S. as a GMO, and is generally not a high-quality ingredient.

“While I support the FDA’s ability to block new yogurt products that contain the highest quality ingredients, I also believe it’s important to have the freedom to choose our own yogurt brand name,” Trump wrote in a post on Twitter.

“After all, a good brand name will stand out from the crowd.


Trump has previously threatened to block or delay some yogurt brands.

In July, the president said that his administration would “immediately” stop a wave of new, high-end yogurt brands launched by companies including Blue Apron, and that he would use the powers of his executive powers to block a number of new brands.

Earlier this month, Trump said that he was “looking into” the “worst possible” products, including those from the likes of Blue Aprons, Blue Diamonds and the like.

“I have made my decision.

I am looking into it, and I am not going to be making any more yogurt,” Trump said at a press conference in the Oval Office.