New ‘bulk’ coconut water brands in the UK, the first batch of which will be sold on shelves in April

Full Beauty brands including Cosabella and Coral, which are also the UK’s top-selling beauty brands, will be available on shelves across the country starting April 19, 2018.

They are the first of several new coconut water categories to launch in April, as more consumers and retailers switch to healthier, vegan and vegan-friendly options.

 The new coconut waters will come in three different flavours: coconut milk, coconut juice and coconut water.

They come in 10 different flavours including coconut water, coconut water with a coconut flavor, coconut milk with a mango flavor, mango coconut water and coconut juice with a raspberry flavor.

The first batch will be on shelves from April 19.

The Coconut and Coconut Water Brands Limited Partnership, which represents the Full Beauty, Coral and Coral brands, has confirmed the launch date.

“We are excited to be able to introduce our new range of coconut water products in the autumn, and we look forward to seeing what our customers will make of these fresh and natural ingredients,” said Claire Hogg, founder and CEO of the brand.

She added: “As the coconut industry has seen a significant boom in recent years, the need for coconut water to be available to consumers has never been greater.”

It’s important to recognise the benefits of coconut waters in terms of their healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, along with the fact that they are incredibly inexpensive and come in so many delicious flavours.

“The new brands include Coconut and Cucumber, which is made from the juice of cucumber and will be in 20ml bottles for £7.99, Coconut and Pea, which will cost £9.99 and Coconut and Watermelon, which costs £9 and £14.99 respectively.

Full Beauty brands like Full-a-Piece, Full-A-Go and Full-on-A are also being added to the range, with new versions of these brands expected to be released in April.

Coconut Water Brands said that it had invested heavily in researching the best natural ingredients for its products and had consulted with its own experts to ensure they had the best possible ingredients.”

The announcement follows a major change to the Coconut and Pear products in March 2017, when Full-On-A and FullOn-Go were launched. “

We are proud to offer coconut water in all its delicious flavours, which we hope will be popular with people who enjoy a range in their daily routine.”

The announcement follows a major change to the Coconut and Pear products in March 2017, when Full-On-A and FullOn-Go were launched.

Earlier this year, Coral became the first UK brand to launch a vegan product range, while Coconut Water and Coral have also announced that they will introduce vegan products to their ranges by April 2019.

While it is still unclear exactly when the new coconut brands will launch, Coral has said it will start the new range at the end of this year.

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